Google Pixel 5 Cases

At BURGA, we offer the best of both worlds for your Google Pixel 5; we don't skimp on quality, so the pretty ones aren't made of cheap plastic that'll crack within a week of purchasing them, nor are they unreliable in their durability. Our luxury phone cases are constructed to be beautiful, slim, trendy, and durable enough to withstand the knocks of daily life.
Our phones stay with us all the time and form a part of the look we’re going for, which is why it's essential to have a phone cover that compliments our style and aura.
At Burga, we offer over 50 different unique Google Pixel 5 phone cases that range from popular pastel hues, bloomy garden florals to designer orientalist art-inspired cases. You probably won't be able to choose, but thankfully we have a year-round "buy two, get two free" offer so you can change things up to complement your daily looks.
We know how annoying it is when your phone case starts looking drab and the prints fade away. Not only does it cheapen the look of the case, but it also reflects poorly on a high-quality phone, especially in the case of the Google Pixel 5. Why let down the value of the handset by sleeving it in a low-quality case?
All our artist-inspired patterns are designed and printed on high-quality materials that are forever fade-resistant. Even if you left your phone out all day in the sun, though we don't recommend this for the integrity of your phone, our cases would withstand the damaging UV rays and shield your phone at the same time.
After you've picked the design you fancy, you're given a choice to choose from either the "Snap" version or the "Tough" version.
The "Snap" version in our Google Pixel 5 range comes as one hardshell phone case piece that literally snaps onto your phone. It also boasts a slim body as well as an ultra-sleek and lightweight feel, making it ideal for your clutch or crossbody bag on a night out.
Our "Tough" case version combines dual-layer technology to provide shockproof protection and a silicone interior to maintain a slim body. The raised bezel gives camera and screen protection, while its hardshell exterior gives it an extra-protective boost from knocks, bumps, and drops and encapsulates the phone by fully wrapping around the handset's body.
Now you might be thinking that with all these layers of protection, surely it's going to bulk up the handset's body? Nope. Our technology ensures that the thin profile of your phone is maintained. Therefore, the "Tough" cases are ideal if you require extra protection, depending on your lifestyle, yet still want a trendy style.
We guarantee you'll love our luxury Google Pixel 5 cases, and we're pretty sure nothing can happen to them, which is why we give you a 12-month warranty if in the unlikely event that something does. So what are you waiting for? Pick one of Burga’s cell phone cases now!

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